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The Transformation of India’s Public Sector. Political Economy of Growth and Change. Read More


Railways-Privatisation at the cost of neglect of Infrastructure Strengthening and Development. Read Article


Selling PSEs, Banks, Insurance and Assets is not selling family Silver?  Read More

Agriculture Policies and Programmes..

Report of the High Powered Committee

Read Article


Session 5: Implications of the Farm Laws (and similar Laws) for the Constitution and People's Struggles. Resolution.. Read More

India May Privatise or Shut 46 PSUs in Coming Months, Says NITI Aayog's Rajiv Kumar. Read More

“I breached the barriers of civil service and saved JP’s life twice” Read More

Indira's Emergency and Modi's Neo Emergency. Read More

Modi govt's privatisation drive back: Unmerged PSBs, insurance cos to be put on the block.  Read More

These are the 18 sectors that have been identified as ‘strategic’ for India by Modi govt. Read More

Opening Commercial Coal Mining: A Disastrous Decision

by Dinesh Abrol.  Read More

Ministry of Defence: Is It Equipped For "Atmanirbhar" in Defence Production. Read More

What the 23.9% Drop in Q1 GDP Tells – and Doesn’t Tell – Us About the Economy. Read More

‘Illegal mining’ could soon become legal. Modi government gives just 10 days for public feedback. Read More

Reliance Retail buys Future Group's businesses for ₹24,713 crore. Read More

Corporatization of Ordinance Factories No Solution- Retired DGOF & Chairman OFB pens an open letter to Defence Minister. Read More


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Save Public Sector - NEW INDIA LOGO.png

Why Public Sector?

Today the Country is in an Economic Crisis.  There is massive unemployment. Rural infrastructure is not improving as Government does not want to spend money. That is not helping the economy. 


Save Public Sector - Short Film 

பொதுத்துறையைப் பாதுகாப்போம்-SAVE PUBLIC SECTOR-Short Film-Script & Direction-Bharathi Krishnakumar


A Short History of India's Banking System and it's Present Crisis

Government and RBI Should Focus on Structuring Policy Rather than Recapitalization. To save public sector banks focus on structural changes, not recapitalization.


Willful Defaulters in India

This video will enlighten about the Top Willful Defaulters in India and how does it affect Public.


History of Bank Nationalisation and its Importance

This video will enlighten the history of Bank Nationalization and also its importance in our lives.

View Info

Soumya Datta on the present banking crisis and the way forward

The new general secretary of AIBOC shares his view on the present banking crisis, the future course of action, the need for bank employees to unite and many more key banking related issues.